Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a week in the life, day 2

Tuesday, January 25th, today's theme- in the kitchen

Tuesday is the one day we don't have anywhere to go, so we sleep in a bit ( got up at 7am) and lounge a bit. It is probably the one weekday that I actually sit down and eat breakfast with the kids (baked oatmeal with sprinkled with mini chocolate chips).

While I worked with Max this morning Regan did some Valentines Day crafts.

We were able to get through school quickly today (just happened that all our lessons were short/easy) and were done with the bulk of our work around 11am.

Caught on the computer before noon.

Making lunch with the baby at my feet, English muffin pizza's.

Addie was loving this little lamb she was playing with, here she is showing me and laughing with excitement.

Used my cute new kitchen tools while I did some serious baking this afternoon. That tube of caulk in the background was just waiting for a few free moments later in the afternoon.

Hanging out in the kitchen with mom again.

I baked...

washed a lot of dishes...

and baked some more.

While I was busy baking, the kids spent the entire afternoon drawing maps of their dream worlds.

Here is part of Regan's.

While I waited for the bread to rise I caulked and touched up the paint on the shoe molding.

Tallulah got in a little bike ride in the fading afternoon light.

We finally got our refrigerator back in the kitchen, yay!
After dinner (taco's and yellow rice) we ran around like crazy cleaning the house for bible study. In all the craziness I forgot to take pictures.

Here I am catching up on my ironing and watching the President's State of the Union Address.
I can't decide if it is my posture or the sweatshirt I am wearing, but I totally look pregnant in this picture! Maybe it was that big piece of apple pie I ate earlier... time to do some sit ups!

Oh and just for fun- between Regan and myself we took almost 100 pictures today! I think that is more than I have taken in the last month or even more!

Sorry about any typos/miss spellings- Blogger spell check is not working for some reason!

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