Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a week in the life, day 3

Wednesday, January 26, Day 3- The little things

So, I totally slacked today and hardly took any pictures and wrote no notes, so this post might be a bit disjointed.

I started out my day trying to take note of the little things that bring a bit of joy, like stepping out of the shower and finding a hot cup of tea waiting for me on my nightstand...

or ice from the ice maker (my fridge has been in the living room for two weeks now with no water hookup).

and not having to leave my kitchen to get something from the fridge or to microwave something (and also not having to turn out all the lights in the living room to run the microwave b/c the circuit would blow if I left them on).
I know I've mentioned it before, but finding the dishwasher unloaded when it is time to clear the breakfast table makes me happy every time... it really does not take much to brighten my day :)

And here is where the disjointedness comes in- I was thinking about sharing in a bit more detail about our school day, but then I just had to share these next pictures, so maybe the school day post will be on Friday.

I was taking a load of laundry to the laundry room/playroom/pantry/boys room (aka the garage) and found this:

Seem the kids decided to try out some of the things from this book that Micah got for Christmas.

In case you are worried, Max was a willing participant.

And here they all are with their bank robbing brother. Can you see the remorse on his face?
Tomorrow is CC day, I will try and remember to take my camera with me :)

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