Monday, January 24, 2011

a week in the life, day 1

I did this a few years ago, took pictures and wrote copious notes about what we did during that week, with the intention of printing the pictures and making an album. Those notes are still in a basket beside my bed and the pictures lost somewhere on the computer among the thousands of photos I have taken over the past few years. So, I thought I would try it again, but post on my blog. Today I did way too much writing and not nearly enough picture taking and this will probably be extremely boring for anyone reading this, but for myself and for our kids I still want to do it, and will be working on saying less and showing more as the week goes on.

That said, here is Day 1 of my week in a life... theme of the day? the messes we make

6:10 am Awake but not ready to face the world, I pull the covers back up and try not to fall back asleep while I run through the day in my head.
6:45 am Shower and dress
7:15 am Start of laundry and straighten up the table for school, the boys are playing in their room but the girls are all still asleep
7:45 am Wake up the girls, say good bye to my hubby, tell the kids to get dressed and come get breakfast. Give the baby a bottle.
7:50 am Tell Tallulah to get dressed
7:55 am Tell Tallulah to get dressed, again
8:00 am Tell Tallulah to get dressed, again
8:09 am She finally heads to her room to, I hope, get dressed.
Eat my English Muffin while sorting laundry, telling the kids to get ready, pouring juice etc.
8:12 am Open the dishwasher and say a little thanks that my husband unloaded if for me :)
8:13 am Tallulah is back in the kitchen, still in her PJ's!
8:14 am Tallulah, naked, in the living room digging through a basket of clean laundry.
8:20 am Tallulah is finally dressed, everyone eats breakfast

Max cleaning up the bowl of Rice Krispies he and Regan spilled on the kitchen floor

8:35 am getting ready to leave for Preschool and Addie's 1 year check up.
8:45 am Out the door
how the kitchen looked when we left

what happens when it is just too cold to spend an extra 5 minutes cleaning out the car after a busy weekend.

Did I mention how cold it was today?

9:00 am drop Lu off at preschool and head to the Dr.
After Addie's check up we had to Home Depot for caulk, the dry cleaners to pick up hubby's suit and run next door to the grocery store for donuts.
10:50 am Finally home, put Addie down for a hour nap and do school with Max while Regan and Micah read (all after we eat our donuts, of course :)
11:50am Back in the car to go get Lu (I had to wake up Addie) :(
12:15 pm Home from school, make lunch, eat.
1:00 pm Start school with Micah (math, writing with ease, first language lessons), other kids play quietly or read.
2:00 pm Put Addie down for a nap
2:15 pm Start school with Regan (math, writing with ease and first language lessons).
When she is done with those, Micah comes back for spelling and then we all do history together.
4:00 pm Finally finished with school, spend 30 min. checking email and reading blogs
4:30 pm Clean off school table (again), switch laundry, start dinner... have I mentioned that it is FREEZING today?!? I've been wearing gloves in the house and had a blanket wrapped around me toga style all afternoon!

5:40 pm Dinner- talapia with mushrooms and tomatoes in a wine sauce served with couscous and feta (sounds fancy, but it's pretty easy).
Tell Tallulah to get back in her chair and finish her dinner more times than I can count... We've got some bad habits to break around here.
6:20 pm I grab my crochet bag with the granny square blanket I started two year ago (blush) and the 1 pound skein of yarn Tallulah has tangled almost beyond repair and Regan and I head out the door to Miss Mary's for crochet night (we used to go every Monday, but have only made it a handful of time in the past year- now that the baby is 1 we are determined to make it there on a more regular basis).
Miss Mary graciously fixes my yarn while I crochet a few squares together and we catch up on what everyone got for Christmas, the latest house projects and how that ladies who were not there tonight are doing.
8:30 pm head home so I can blog and fold some laundry before heading to bed to start all over again tomorrow. I am hoping that tomorrow will be a bit more "normal", although I hesitate to even use that word as there really is no "normal" here- every day brings something different, but in an ideal world there would be less running around, more school accomplished in the morning and more free time in the afternoon.

If you actually read all this you deserve a medal, and if you come back tomorrow I promise not to bore you with so many details again!

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