Tuesday, July 10, 2012

box of sunshine

A good friend recently lost her battle with cancer.  She left behind a husband and two daughters.  When I saw this "box of sunshine" on Pinterest last week I immediately thought of those sweet girls and how a "box of sunshine" could bring a bright moment in this hard time.  I showed the pin to Regan and she too thought of her friends, so over the weekend we collected various bits of sunshiny yellow to place in a box and leave on their door step.
I found the box at TJMaxx and covered the purple lid with yellow paper (yay for Mod Podge)
We filled it with all things yellow (and a couple orange), cut out some paper suns and stuck a little card in letting them know that we were thinking of them and praying for there family.
Here is another peak at the contents...
I tried to make a list of everything we put in there- if you are interested:

2 flower pens
peanut m&m's
yellow nail polish
pineapple soda
a paper lantern
lemon jello
lemon koolaid
2 handmade headbands
a yellow, flower shaped ice tray
little debbie banana cream pies

*I splurged on the pens ($3 each), gourmet gummies ($3), and the box($5) but the rest of the the items were $1-$2 each.  A pretty inexpensive and fun way to brighten someones day, I think.

Yesterday (on our way home from dropping Micah at camp) Max dropped the package on their front steps, rang the doorbell, and ran!  Hopefully it brought a bit of sunshine to them on a cloudy day!


Leslie said...

wow that was such a special thing to do. i bet they loved it

Courtney said...

very awesome and super thoughtful.


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