Wednesday, July 18, 2012

last minute sewing

So, on Sunday I decided it was time to clean up my sewing mess and stop sewing until after the baby comes.  I cleaned off my desk, put away fabric and patterns, iron and ironing board, cutting mat, scissors etc....

Then I woke up Monday morning and decided I needed a robe for the hospital and did not really want to go out and buy one. So, I found a pattern for a robe in one of my books and re-purposed some fabric from a curtain that divided a room in our old house and got sewing.
Turns out it it really hard to photograph a robe...
And it does not fit around my belly (the edges just meet :)
But it will have to do.  It was really simple to make- only took 2 hrs to sew and the directions were clear and easy to follow.  Now I can have the baby :)

1 comment:

Courtney said...

cute. for regan's sake i hope that you have at least one more thing on your TTD list.


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