Thursday, July 19, 2012

the party continues...

One of Tallulah's birthday presents was a trip to the bounce house (I scored a great deal on Groupon last week, yay!) So yesterday we continued her birthday celebration with a morning at the bounce house.
While the kids jumped, I cut out flash cards and wrote a letter to Regan at camp.
I love watching how Micah looks out for his baby sister, playing with her in the toddler area and even taking her on some of the big bouncers.
She wasn't so sure of this slide :)

Micah was demonstrating his ability to use the force on these balls.
Somehow in all this I did not get any pictures of Max (well, except for his leg in the corner there)... I think he hides from the camera. 

I am headed back to the midwife today.  I get to have another ultrasound and hope she tells me that I've made some progress since my last appointment!

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