Monday, July 2, 2012

late night sewing

With less than 4 weeks until my due date most of my nights are pretty restless, so in order to avoid endless hours of tossing and turning I have been staying up later and sewing.  It is nice to have uninterrupted sewing time and I find it brings a certain amount of balance to my crazy emotional/irritable self.  This weekend I finished up my diaper bag.
The pattern calls for a ruffle on the front, but the fabric I chose did not lend itself well to that, so I left it off.  (Except for the red dots lining the handle, all the fabric came from Ikea- the grey I got about a year ago and the hedge hog fabric I got while we were in MD in May.)
This was actually really fun to make (although time consuming- there is LOTS of cutting involved as it has outer fabric, lining fabric, heavy weight fusible interfacing and a fusible fleece layer)  I could definitely make more of these- only I don't really need another diaper bag!

I also finished up this bunting.  The pennants are a bit smaller than the last one I made and I added pom-poms this time, which I love.  I should put this in my shop, but I am not sure I can part with it. Most of these are fabrics I have been hoarding for quiet some time, just waiting for the perfect project.
What have you been sewing/creating these days (or nights)?

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