Wednesday, July 11, 2012

homeschool line-up

Test results are in and letter of intent mailed... this school year is officially over!
Now it is time to start thinking about September (actually our first day of CC is August 30th!).  This year may prove to be my most challenging homeschooling year yet.  I am trying not to think about it too much and just enjoy this time before we dive back in, but this year I will have 4 kids to school, 2 kids in the essentials program at CC (which will require quite a bit of extra time from me, especially as I learned from our test results that language mechanics is something we really need to spend more time on), a toddler and an infant.  I am pretty sure that this is going to take quite a toll on my crafting :(

Anyway, all this in mind, I am trying to keep things as simple as possible.  Here is my current line up for the fall:

Classical Conversations: Everyone

History- Story of the World 1: Everyone
We will listen to the audio book and do maps, coloring pages from the activity books, and go over the review questions.

Regan: Finish up Saxon 5/4 and move on to 6/5
Micah: Saxon 5/4
Max: Finish Saxon 2, move on to Saxon 3
Tallulah: Finish Saxon 1, move on to Saxon 2

Regan and Micah: independent reading
Max: continue to have him read aloud and review All About Spelling level 2
Tallulah: continue to have her read aloud, finish All About Spelling 1 and move on to 2

Grammar and Writing:
Regan and Micah: CC Essentials program
Max and Tallulah: Continue with First Language Lessons, Start writing with Ease

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears: Everyone

Last year we did the homeschool PE class at the  YMCA, but I am not sure if we will do it this year or not- I think we will try and find some balance with these things before we add in any extras.

So, what does your homeschool year look like?

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