Sunday, November 16, 2008

sunday dinner

My friend and I were talking recently about how we wish that we could have Sunday dinner with our family each week, but both of our families live 200+ miles away. So, we decided to start our own "family dinner" with our church family (our small group). She hosted the first dinner at her house while we were away and today we hosted at our house... Only we invited the whole church.
We had about 30 people come and had such a good time fellowshiping that I forgot to take pictures! Anyway, we had a bit of a casualty during all the fun, and Max's bed got broken.

Phil and I put Max's mattress on top of Micah's while we took apart his bed and I suggested that they sleep like this... bunk beds!

Micah wasn't so sure about that arrangement :)

So Max has been relegated to the floor for now.

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