Tuesday, November 11, 2008

warning: I take too many pictures!

So, it seems I have gone a little picture crazy since getting my Nikon D40 last spring. Today we went for a hike in Newport News. We were there for about 1.5 hours and walked about 2.25 miles and I took 116 photos. There are a million stories I wanted to tell in these photos, but I am limiting myself to 10, as I am sure that it is not nearly as interesting to you all as it is to me!

We got out of our car to find some hungry geese and ducks in the lake we were to walk around. It just so happened that we had stopped at the store on the way to the park and had a loaf of bread (really for our lunch not theirs).

After crossing the dam we saw this...Oops!

I wish I'd had my zoom lens on, it was pretty awesome to see these birds take off out of the water!

Finally, the signs of Autumn I have been longing to see!

Me and Micah

It's 5 miles around the lake, we decided to just walk to the first overlook, just past the 1 mile mark. Here is the crew taking in the sights and resting before we headed back to the car.

"I just can't walk another step, Daddy!"
Here is my attempt to take a picture of me and Max. He wanted to hold my hand the whole way back. These moments are precious!
And just like that they are gone... The end of the trail was in site and he was off!
We ended the morning in the branches of this tree. I wish I could transport it to my back yard. I think you might actually find me in the tree as much as you'd find my kids in it!

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aswewalk said...

I love your shots. They look so similar to ones I took at a lake near our home.

Have you thought of making notecards out of your photos--to give as Christmas gifts? My friend did that last year, and yours are just as good as hers!


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