Tuesday, November 18, 2008

scrap challenge and other crafting

Okay, so I was really supposed to complete my scrap challenge piece in two weeks, but in true Amy fashion, I took on a task much greater than I anticipated. You all have seen my paper collages, well, I had been thinking about attempting something similar with fabric, and the scrap challenge seemed to lend itself well to that, so I dove in shortly after receiving my fabric, not really having any idea how long it would take me to hand stitch this 14 x 14 collage. I am getting closer to the end, but still have quite a bit on detail work to do. Anyway, I thought I should at least post a peak of my project, since it was supposed to be completed a month ago and I just didn't get it done. In college, I would have just pulled a couple of all-nighters to finish the project, but I can't do that anymore!

In other news... I learned how to crochet last night! I made this wash cloth last night at my first ever sewing group! I started with half double, but in the end decided I liked single stitch better. I know it is not the best crochet job, but it was good practice.
After 3 hours of crocheting last night, I found myself crocheting in my dreams. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was pull out this yarn the kids had picked out for their tapestries and start making a scarf for one of the boys.
What can I say... I am hooked!

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Leslie said...

your fabric collage is so adorable, that must be hard not just time consuming. You are very creative. And congrats on the crochet, i am trying to crochet a toy for a friend and it is getting the better of me


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