Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today Max turned 5. How quickly the time has passed! He still runs into the room just to say "I love you, mommy" multiple times a day (secretly I am hoping that never stops). He still thinks I know the answers to all life's questions. He still likes to kiss me goodnight. Hoping the next years is as full and wonderful as the last! Happy Birthday, Max!
(This picture was taken by Tallulah- 3 years old and already using the SLR!)

September has brought with it some beautiful 70 degree weather and with it lots of outdoor birthday fun!

Of course, it had to be a Star Wars birthday!

(I snuck in a little "belly picture" of me- although I am bending over, so you don't get the full effect)

Regan made this "Light Saber" for Max out of felt. I helped her cut it out and stood beside her as she sewed it all by herself on the sewing machine! She hardly needed any help from me at all and Max said it was the best present of the evening!

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Melissa Stover said...

he has the same birthday as my son. also turned 5 today.


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