Sunday, September 13, 2009

the party

WARNING: this post is picture heavy :)

So, here are the details of the American Girl Tea Party. I started planning two weeks ago, making a guest list, invitations, menu, shopping list etc. and last weekend I started baking the things that would freeze well. Friday I finished up the baking, Phil picked up the table and chairs from the church for me and I set the room up, as much as possible so that Saturday I only had to do the last minute food prep (sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, putting the cookie topping on the flowerpot pudding etc.). I was so well organized that I even laid down for a bit before the guests arrived! From now on I will always take the time to plan things out like this, it made the party, and the whole weekend, so much less overwhelming to have so much done ahead!

So, first the invitations, I searched online for ideas for the invites and came across these really cute cards on ebay- they were printed with a picture of your favorite American Girl Doll and personalized with your party information. I did not have time to order the cards, but I liked the way the invitations where worded, so to my paper craft supplies I went and here is what I came up with!

Next the menu. I had seen online where someone had adapted the menu from the American Girl Cafe for a party, so I decided to check out the American Girl Cafe menu myself. I love that a lot of the items have the dolls names as a part of them, like, Kaya's Blueberry-Lemon Scones. I changed a few things, but left most of it the same.

Here are a few pictures of the food.

You'll see those pots again later :)

and the table

This was our craft. After everyone finished their pudding we washed out the pots and decorated them with ribbon and paper flowers.

Glue Dots and two wonderful mom helpers made this a fun and relatively easy craft.

The favors. I fed the kids enough sweets that I did not want to send them home with too much more junk. The flower pots where just big enough to fit a handful of Strawberry Milkshake malt balls in with these tags tied on.
The game. I saved the best for last. Regan wanted to play an American Girl version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey and she spent all week working on her creation. First she scoured the catalog for the AGD with the most clothes and decided on Julie. She did all the artwork and everything on her own with not one bit of help from anyone!

Here is Julie

and her clothes

after the girls had pinned her

and all fixed up and dressed right.
The party was a huge success, Regan loved it and I think everyone had a good time!


Deb said...

Awesome, Amy! Makes me wish I were Regan's little friend. Why shouldn't we moms celebrate our birthdays with such panache?

Jess said...

This party looks FANTASTIC! Great job. I need to have a girl so I can have parties like this!

Melissa Stover said...

FAnCY! what a great party.

Toni said...

what a sweet birthday party my gilrs love American Girl a lot. They would love this party too;-)


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