Sunday, September 6, 2009

scrap challenge

Okay, so this is LONG over due- I was sew excited to do this scrap challenge last fall when JCasa handmade posted it on her blog and jumped right in, but like most things I took on something more time consuming then I anticipated and somehow (I think around Christmas time) it got set aside and forgotten for, well, 9 months! I was cleaning out my craft stuff the other day and found this and determined to finish it. I am not sure anymore if I used all 10 scraps that were sent, it may be just 9, but I am not sure where those scraps went to! Anyway, here are some picture of my progress.

What I did last fall

What I did this weekI love my little hedge hog!
I can't decide if it is done or if it needs something else, what would you add, if anything?


Courtney said...

with the red and white mushrooms and the little hedgehog ... that looks SO iconily dutch! seriously, every child knows the song "Op een grote paddelstool, rod met witte stippen" (on the big mushroom, red with white dots) and Egels (hedgehogs) are a sure symbol of fall (in place of Squirrels being a symbol of fall in the US). did you know all that?! what was your inspiration?


Leslie said...

very cute. it looks great~

Melissa Stover said...

i love it!

amy said...

I did not know all that! I just happen to be fascinated with the little red and white mushrooms and any cute little creatures to go along with it :) And I also have a thing for trees, they seem to show up in my art a lot.


Toni said...

just so cute, those mushrooms are so sweet:-)


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