Wednesday, September 9, 2009

first day

I survived Tallulah's first day of preschool! I don't know why, but for some reason it was so much harder leaving my baby girl there then it ever was leaving the boys! She had a good time though and I believe she is excited to go back on Friday!
Here are both of my preschool kids getting ready to go into school.
For those of you who are confused wondering if I homeschool or if my kids go to school, the answer is both! Max and Micah both went to preschool when they were 3 (in the same class that Lulu is in now) at a church just down the road from us. I really love the program and the teachers and it gives me some special time with the big kids to get school done uninterrupted and the little ones there own special thing.

Max went the year before last and technically could start kindergarten this year, but I just did not think he was ready, so we decided to send him back for the pre-k program this year. I am hoping that he will come home with a good understanding of basic phonics that I can build on next year- maybe he will even read as quickly as his brother did, I'm not holding my breath though!

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