Sunday, September 27, 2009

a backpack of her own

Being the youngest of 4, Tallulah gets a lot of hand me downs, but this time I decided it was time she got something of her own, made especially for her. I searched for hours until I found the perfect fabric for the job and finally, last week, got the notions and such needed to put it all together. I bought the pattern here and once it was all cut out I would say it took me about 3 hours to put it all together, not too bad for only my second time sewing a zipper and my first time using piping! The fabric is a light weight canvas, so it does not have a lot of body, which if I make this again I might try something heavier-weight, although I do think is was probably easier to sew the lightweight fabric than a heavier one... anywho, here it is, all sewed up!

I am so glad I bought more fabric than I needed and was able to make Lulu a matching Lazy Day skirt... my model was a bit resistant to pose for me though

We'll just pretend she was trying to show off her new backpack here :)

Wait, what is that? A smile? Still, no standing up and showing off her new digs, oh well!

What? Mama's taking pictures? "I wanna be in the picture too!" sings the chorus :)
I am off to enjoy the last of my weekend by taking a nap! Hope your weekend's end is full of sunshine, smiles and naps too :)


Leslie said...

very cute bag!!!

Melissa Stover said...

i love that fabric. a backpack would be way beyond my sewing ability.

Toni said...

very cute and colorful, the skirt is sweet ,too. Enjoy the nap, Ilove when I can actually sneak one in:-)


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