Monday, August 29, 2011

and so it begins

We started school today and I just realized that I never did my beginning of the year "this is what we are doing this school year" post. I could pull it together today, but I started reading The Hunger Games yesterday and it has been all I can do to not tell the kids to take the morning off so I can go read! I forced my self to put the book down at 11pm last night, halfway through and in the middle of "the games" and even then it took me awhile to fall asleep wondering what would happen to Katniss next but knowing I needed my sleep. So, with school finished for the day (we are starting off light this week since CC does not start until Thursday) and lunch in the oven I will be disappearing this afternoon back into the book. I'll be back with that school year post as soon as I finish :)

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