Tuesday, August 2, 2011

it is inevitable...

no matter how lightly I pack for a trip to Maryland, we are always stuffed to the gills on the ride home :) Here are just a few of the things that found their way into our car and eventually into our home...

vintage recipe box and auto bingo cards,

new canisters to replace my cracked ones,

Spock and Mace Windu (along with a ratty old stuffed animal, a table top pool table and a pile of books all found among the boxes of my husbands stuff still in his dad's basement). I tried to get him to list them on Ebay, to no avail!

New shoes! Actually, I tried these on when we stopped at Tyson's Corner to see the new American Girl store but did not order them until we got home, so technically they were not among the baggage in our car, but I did use vacation money to buy them :)
there was also a new bike for Regan, a triffle bowl from my mother in law, a box of peaches from Milburn's Orchard... you can see how it could get a little tight in the mini-van with 7 people, all their stuff and all this stuff :)

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