Monday, August 1, 2011

vacation stitching

Awhile back I got to be a test stitcher for Sarah's new embroidery patterns. I had fun stitching this little test piece and was especially blessed when she generously gave other embroidery patterns as a thank you for my help.

I know I have been on a "no new projects" kick, but since the few things left on my WIP list could not be taken with me on vacation I gave myself permission to start this embroidery project on the trip.
This pattern is super cute, it says "use it up, wear it out, Make it do or do without". I think I will hang in it my kitchen... our new family motto :)

1 comment:

Bekka Joy said...

I love that little saying and was looking for a print to buy for our walls but now I think I'm going to sketch something out and sew one too! :) Thanks for sharing!


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