Wednesday, August 10, 2011

week at a glance

Here is a sneak peak at what the average school week should look like us this fall. This schedule still has some things to be added, like I forgot guitar lessons and practice in the evenings with dad and I forgot to list French in our school subject list. Really, those of you who homeschool know that there is a lot of trial and error at the beginning of any school year. We have an idea of how we think things should look, but in reality they are often quite different, like most of life.
Weekly Schedule Fall 2011

It was hard to fit everything onto one sheet of paper, so I made some things on the calendar general, like "Afternoon Chores" and made a separate document with the specifics of what those "chores" are. I got the idea of assigning each day with a certain area of the house from Kim Brenneman's book "Large Family Logistics".
Daily Chores

Both of these documents are bound for editing and in no way do they cover everything that we might do in a day, say for instance, sew, blog, email... I did not even include vacuuming the house anywhere on the chore list (In case you were curious, My hubby vacuums every Tuesday before bible study and I pull it out as needed throughout the week... although it is rare that I find the floor needs vacuuming more than once or maybe twice a week- there are usually more pressing jobs to do, like starting a new craft project).

Next up, Menu plans.

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