Thursday, August 11, 2011


I picked this shelf out of someone's trash pile at least 6 months ago and it has been sitting in front of the windows in our living room ever since... waiting to get a paint job... waiting to find some free wall space to hang it. My ever patient husband never once said "what are you going to do with this shelf?" or "why is this still sitting on the floor, dirty, and unused". When I brought it home I had wanted to paint it and hang it somewhere for the kids to store all their art supplies, but I could not find any wall space where they could easily access it, so it sat...
Until yesterday when I had a moment of inspirations, with just a few small adjustments it would fit on the wall over my sewing desk and I would finally be able to get all those jars and containers holding sewing notions and tools off the desk (about 97% of what you see on the shelf was stacked on my desk, plus some other stuff). So, I dug out a can of white spray paint and got to work!
Pretty exciting to actually be able to see the desk top... it's been awhile!

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