Sunday, August 28, 2011


I took this picture Friday night, before the storm, as we were all wondering what the next two days would bring.

The rain and wind began sometime in the early morning hours on Saturday.

We decided to take advantage of the fact that we still had power when we woke and the kids made us a pancake breakfast.

We filled the bathtub with water, just in case.

I decided to sew up as many of the the treat bags for Max and Regan's birthday party as I could. The power flickered a few times before lunch, but stayed on throughout the day, so I actually go them all done.

In the afternoon the winds really picked up. It is hard to capture in a still shot, but this is out our back windows. By bed time the worst of the storm had passed. It was still very windy, and the power did threaten to go out one more time around 9:30pm, but was back within a minute.

And this is how things looked at our house this morning...

A small pile of the shingles blown off our house and shed.

Broken siding from the front of the house.

The pile of limbs from our yard.
The kids were disappointed that we did not lose power, but we are glad to be safe and dry with minimal damage. Thank you all so much for your kind comments and prayers!

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Leslie said...

wow....thank goodness there was not more damage. glad to know you were safe and sound. we spent a lot of Saturday preparing, and in the end there was not much of a storm here after all.


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