Saturday, August 13, 2011


While the kids painted in the kitchen...
I did a little painting of my own. We won't talk about how long I have had that can of paint and how long I have been planning to paint those lamps... or the fact that I also have plans to paint the bed frame too but it will probably take me another who knows how long to get that job done... Well, I guess we did talk about it then, didn't we? Oops :)
I still need new lamp shades for these, the current shades at 10+ years old, faded yellow, plastic cracking, "decorated" by children... you get the point. I already know what shades I want, just waiting for an extra few dollars to spend on them.

The kids painting was way more interesting then mine. They found these broken "palace pieces" (as they call them) in someone's trash pile in the neighborhood. I love it when they create their own art projects! This is Regan's
Micah threw his "palace piece" away last week, so he painted this bird house instead.

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