Monday, November 23, 2009

and the winner is...

randi said...

Cute! I love the name Olivia the Owl. Or maybe Opal.
How fun that you are doing a giveaway with these!

Congratulations Randi, you are the winner! email me with your address and which owl ornament is your favorite!
Thanks so much to everyone who gave their votes and name suggestions! I am going to go with Penelope and maybe after the craziness of the holiday's and the baby being born I will have some time to make another to go along with her! I am still hoping to get a pattern together for Penelope, but no promises on when that will happen :)

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ferlax said...

*love the name penelope - i have been following your blog and love it. i have a little one who is penelope olive - she just turned 1! going to try your felt mushroom - i have never done this before but fell in love with it so i am going to brave michaels today!


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