Friday, November 6, 2009


Sometimes it feels like we eat the same thing every day for lunch. I am always looking for a way to change things up and this week I stumbled upon a new trick that made all 4 kids happy! See those rolls of Salami in the top right corner? It is a piece of string cheese cut in half with Salami rolled around it- simple- easy and everyone loved it!
I am also loving the single servings of hummus they sell at BJ's- Not everyone in the family likes hummus, so I can easily open one of these and not worry that the whole container will go bad before we can eat it all!

Oh, and lets not forget dessert- these are those pumpkin bars I posted about a week or so ago- there is a link to the recipe in my side bar. I made these yesterday (9x13 pan or 24 bars) and already, less than 24 hrs after cutting into them, there are only 4 left! Yikes! I did serve them at Bible study last night, but we won't talk about how many I have eaten compared to everyone else!
Well, I am almost finished sewing up the goods for my Nephew's School Bazaar- I'll be back tomorrow with pictures!

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