Monday, November 2, 2009

happy monday!

I have to admit, have been dreading this Monday. Max and Lulu have no preschool, the house was a complete wreck after a week of non-stop sewing and one sleepless night this weekend and somehow we needed to accomplish a regular day of school, clean the house, and do 4 loads of laundry all on a cold rainy Monday with all 4 little ones trapped inside.

It is noon on that dreaded Monday and it has been full of God's mercy and even a few unexpected surprises! First- we got a great night's sleep (despite the fact that the boys were up at 4:45am!) You really appreciate a good nights sleep after a REALLY bad one! Then, even with the little ones around we flew through school and got all the laundry washed and folded! We were making good progress on getting the rest of the house clean when, surprise- the mail man came early and what did he bring but an unexpected package from grandma!

Of course cleaning has been put on hold for a bit, but every hard worker deserves a break, right? Here are the pictures of the loot from Grandma's package- the kids could not be more thrilled! Thanks Grandma!

A Tinkerbell bracelet for Lulu.

New cloths for Ruthie...
and Kit.

Star Wars figures for the boys!

And for me, a few moments of peace and quiet while the kids are lost in the wonder of something new :) Hope you are having a happy Monday too!

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