Thursday, November 12, 2009

what happens when daddy's home

It's been raining H.A.R.D for more than 36hrs straight now and Phil is home for the second day (yesterday for Veteran's Day and today because only "essential personnel" are allowed at his work.) It seems a Nor'easter has parked itself upon us and all around there is flooding and wind advisories. Luckily things are not too bad in our neighborhood, but after being cooped up (6 people in a small house) for two days we were all going stir crazy. Daddy decided we should let the kids out to play and burn some energy. I refused at first, but after a lunch filled with 4 kids bouncing in their chairs I caved.
I snuck out on the dry (or un-flooded) ground of the sidewalk and the cover of an umbrella to capture a few images from the storm and their play. The camera had a hard time deciding what to focus on, so some of these are a bit blurry...

Tallulah coming out the door, still dry and...
plugging her nose because of the "swampy" smell we get when it rains (one of the downfalls of living near Hoffler Creek- a marsh wildlife preserve down the road from us).

Tallulah did not want to stand in the 4" on water with her siblings for this picture- Regan said the water was so cold it hurt!

Our back yard.
Beside out house is where the water was deepest.

And I can't end the post without the highlight of my day- I got to see my little girl today :) Isn't she beautiful? Midwife said everything looks great- only 9.5 more weeks til I get to meet her face to face!


Andrea Esler said...

Such cute pictures Amy -- I've been enjoying all your sewing posts too. I got to see my own little boy or girl (hope it's a girl!) yesterday too on a sono. Congratulations again!

Melissa Stover said...

where do you buy your felt? i looked around this weekend for squares of it and they didn't have pretty colors. do you get it by the yard or is there a place where i can get several colors in a pack?


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