Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the crafting bug

It seems that Regan has caught the crafting bug. Late yesterday afternoon she was digging through fabric and craft supplies looking for something to inspire her- she "had to" make some thing. Here is the end result.
I helped out with some of the more difficult stitching when she asked and suggested the pipe cleaner for the halo when she could not figure out how to make one out of felt, but other wise she did it all on her own. I love to see her working out her ideas and creating new things all the time!

And here is what I made while Regan sewed her angel- I am trying to work out ideas for Christmas gifts for teachers and such- but I am not sure I can pass my own fascination with mushrooms to others :) Plus, Regan says that mushrooms can't be Christmas tree ornaments- they are a spring thing, oh well!

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