Saturday, May 17, 2008

breakfast, sneek peaks and rare conditions

Well, I am not sure you would consider this breakfast... more like dessert, but since I ate it at 8:00 am I am calling it breakfast!
We went strawberry picking again yesterday and the berries are better then ever this week. It was hard to stop picking, even though my bucket was full! Someone was talking about crepes recently and I realized it has been awhile since I made any, and with fresh strawberries around, what better time then now? Lucky for me, Phil was going out with a friend for breakfast and the boys did not want to wait for the crepes to be ready, so that meant Regan, Lulu and I had a whole batch of crepes for our selves! You can find my recipe here. Since it was just me and the girls eating I cut the recipe in half. It made about a dozen crepes. Since they were all filled with berries, chocolate chips and whipped cream, they were very filling!

I think Tallulah liked them :)Sneak Peak...
Future Prima ballerina
We are three weeks away from Regan's Spring Dance Concert. She will be dancing in two numbers this year, one ballet and one tap. The theme of the show is Seasons and Regan will dance to "You are the sunshine of my Life" in Spring and to "Fabulous" in Summer. She got her costumes this week and could not wait to try them on for Daddy and have me take pictures. It is going to be a challenge to keep her out of these costumes for the next three weeks!

My Spring Princess

Doesn't she look "fabulous"?

My kitchen floor in rare condition. I actually put this picture here for me, to remind myself that at one point, the kitchen floor actually was clean! I think it may have even lasted a full 24 hours! I still have not figured out what the previous owners were thinking when they put in this cream colored floor in an eat in kitchen? Clearly they did not have kids! Oh, well, in my dream kitchen my floor will always look this good since it will come complete with a live in kitchen fairy who lives to mop my floor and loves to cook for our family :)

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