Saturday, May 24, 2008

We've had a busy week!

So, this post is a little disorganized, but it is only appropriate considering it's author! Anyway, we have had a busy week, Regan had dance pictures, Max had his Preschool graduation, we went to buy eggs from a homeschool family in Suffolk that has chickens (and ducks, peacocks, bunnies and cats!) and today we went to the YMCA for the new outdoor pools grand opening!

Lulu wanted to be held when we saw the chickens on Friday, so I did not get too many pictures while we were there, but here is one of their Ducks. Ping is the boy, (with the dark orange beak) and I can't remember the girls name. They also had two baby ducks in another pen.
The kids had a great time and got to collect the eggs from the hen house! They are already asking when we can go back again! There were about 30 chickens in all and they were just wandering around the yard. They have three chickens that are "Easter Eggers" which means they lay blueish-green or pink eggs, the others lay white or brown eggs.

Yesterday was my good friend Erica's birthday. A few of the girls got together for cake and games, which we never ended up playing because we were too busy gabbing. Here is a picture of Regan holding the bag that I threw together for Erica yesterday afternoon. I should say that I had made the quilt square on the front of the bag a long time ago, so that was not apart of the "trowing together"!
Here is the pocket inside

Regan's dance pictures were Wednesday night, isn't she beautiful?

Max and Kyle, one of the two boys in his preschool class.

Can you believe it? Max, graduating already? Soon he will be getting a job and moving out!

It was a beautiful day on Thursday, so we played on the lawn of the Church for a few minutes after graduation and I took some pictures.
The kids love to climb between these two trees.

Grumpy Micah
No pictures of the pool, I was nervous to take my camera with me. It is super nice though and the kids had a great time. It was not quite warm enough to swim, for me, but still a beautiful day. I am sure we will have many fun times at the pool this summer!

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