Monday, May 26, 2008

Long weekend too short

I can't remember a Memorial Day Weekend this beautiful in a long time. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and we have had a wonderful relaxing weekend. After the pool Saturday me and the kids hung out at home while Phil when to worship practice. He had to run out again to get stuff for communion after dinner, so I put the kids to bed and started on this...
Have I ever told you how much I love aprons? Well, I love aprons! I recently saw a picture of a woman's kitchen and she had a rack full of aprons, one for any occasion!

I have apron patterns, I have designed my own aprons, and I have made aprons I have seen other places, but I always give them away. Not this time!
No matter how much Regan begs!
This is the beginning of my own personal apron collection!

I love our church. I love the pastor, the people, the fact that it is only 1.5 miles from our house. When we lived in MD, Sunday mornings it was always a race to get every one up and ready and out the door, but now, even with Phil leading worship, our Sunday mornings are so much more relaxed. Sunday is also our family nap day, something Phil and I look forward to all week. Everyone naps, except Regan (since she does not seem to need sleep). After a nice nap, our generous pastor treated Phil and I to dinner at the new Sub shop up the road. I packed sandwiches for the kids and we sat outside and ate out Firehouse Subs together, us and the kids.

Last year I had a trellis in my vegetable garden made out of 2x2s. The kids decided it was a fun place to climb, once the garden was dormant for the winter, and collapsed the whole thing. We have had the pieces of wood laying around our back yard all winter and spring, being used for various projects the kids have been working on. Recently they had taken to leaning them against this tree to make a house, only they kept falling oven in the wind.
Today we found some 2 1/2" nails in the garage and nailed the wood to the tree. Then we draped it with these sheets that it just so happened I had sewn together earlier this spring in the hopes of making a tee pee (I know, you are wondering what kind of woman just sews sheet together hoping to someday make a tee pee, well, I am such woman!) And voila, tree house, Wirtz style!
We end our too short, long weekend with a cookout with some good friends and a quiet evening at home. Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


Anonymous said...

The apron is beautiful, you have sooo much talent.Love the bag that you made for your friends b day. We thought of you guys this weekend as we drove through VA on our way home from vacation. We hope to see you all soon. Call us your next trip to MD.
Heather Ferguson

Sherri said...

I love your blogs, the only problem is I feel so up to date on what is happening with you guys that I don't feel the need to call! Love you lots! Sherri


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