Saturday, May 31, 2008

Getting organized and great yard sale finds!

I ran out this morning to buy some donuts and could not resist the beckoning "Yard Sale" signs. I drove past one that seemed to have mostly baby things and followed a series of signs into a nearby neighborhood where I discovered the yard sale of all yard sales. Boxes and boxes of party supplies; plates, cups, banners etc all $.25 each and an equally large number of boxes filled with costumes, still in their packages, for $1 a piece! At first I was was nervous for the owner of this house, wondering why on earth she would have so much unused party stuff. Well, it turns out that she used to own a party store which closed about a year ago and she is just trying to get rid of her stock. I made out great, for $5 I got three costumes and a handful of misc. party things that I knew the kids would love. Really, for $.25 who cares what's on the plates right? I should have bought more! Here are the costumes from our first trip...
When I got home the kids tried on their costumes, we ate our donuts and headed out to the pool. We came home for lunch and the kids watched a movie while Phil and I laid down for a bit. The kids kept asking about what kind of costumes the lady had etc. so I decided to load them up in the car and take them back. It was 3:00pm by now and I was sure that she would be all cleaned up, but it turned out they were still putting boxes away when we pulled up and were generous enough to let us dig through the costumes again. Here is the booty from our second trip...

Max and Micah both got cowboy costumes, Max even got a fake mustache, but it would not stay on!
And my favorite, Phil as the Incredible Hulk!
Here is what I am working on when I am not being distracted by yard sales and donuts!
My major project for this summer (other than planning our curriculum for fall) is organization. I am making baby steps. Last week I got my craft area organized and now I am working on recipes, menu plans and master grocery lists. These are pictures of the beginning stages of menu planning.
Hopefully I can resist the temptations and distractions and keep chipping away at this overwhelming task. By September 1 our house should be functioning like a well oiled machine. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Okay, after reading your profile (4 kids, living near the water, loving to craft, making the best of small spaces, and loving all things pretty), I just knew we would be fast friends. Then I saw your table covered with note cards, and I figured out we were separated at birth. Lol. Isn't it funny how the internet can help us find people with similar souls?
from the KONOS yahoo group

Jennifer said...

What is it about summer and the desire to get organized and tackle projects? I am feeling the need to make lists and charts everyday. Oh, to be a well-oiled home... that is my dream! : )

paulamarie said...

I love the costumes! I really think Phil's is my favorite with Micah's cowboy following closely at 2nd.

What a fun find!


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