Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today we tried our hand at donut making. I got the recipe from this blog. I think I have heard it said somewhere that how messy you are when you cook is a sign of your cooking ability (the messier the better) or maybe I just made that up since I always seem to make an enormous mess in the kitchen. Making these donuts required me to clean the kitchen 3 time!Technically they are called Filhos, Portuguese donuts.


Did I mention they were yummy?

Now I have to clean it all up!

Other news
The school year is winding down, only a few more chapters to go in History, almost finished our LA's workbooks and I think we have covered almost all the math concepts Regan needs for 1st grade. We are finishing up money and will cover measurement before we finish for the summer. I ordered Regan's CAT test and after reading through it, I think she is ready take it. We will start later this week and do a section or two a day until we finish it up. Once that is done I think we will be officially finished with our first year of homeschooling!!!!!
I will spend the majority of our summer sitting by the pool and planning our curriculum for next year. We will still spend lots of time reading and Micah, who's new found love is math, will probably make it at least part way through his Math 1-2 workbook.

Just for fun
Here is a card I made last night for a family in our church. I think it turned out pretty cute. Phil said he thinks it would cost at least $10 at Papyrus. I told him it actually cost much more than that in our house since I spent all my b-day money on stamp supplies and this was the first card I had made with them. :( I am working on getting my supplies organized so that they will be more easily accessible and more frequently used. Wish me luck!


Jennifer said...

I love that card! Do you have more time in your day than I do??? : )

Heather said...

Looks great, you have talent.
Your kids are so big now and just adorable!

Laura said...

Your donuts look beautiful! Yes, they are a bit messy, but so worth it! :)

Cheryl said...

Thank you so much for sharing this experience. I'm going to try making the donuts with my kids too and I'm glad I know in advance how messy it can be.
You know your kitchen looks very familiar to me. Is that a Pampered Chef bar pan and tool turn about? I have both and I have the Kitchen Aid mixer too! LOL!


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