Friday, May 9, 2008


Our New Yogurt Maker
So, I finally busted out the yogurt maker yesterday. It was pretty easy and turned out quite tasty (especially when I added some powdered sugar and fresh strawberries)!

Max, enjoying his homemade yogurt

I used the recipe that came with the yogurt maker and added a little vanilla and a spoonful of powdered sugar when it was all done. It is supposed to keep in the fridge for two weeks, it will not last that long in our house, I will be making more tomorrow, I am sure!

Lulu approves!

Other news... we finally joined the YMCA last week and the kid and I have been enjoying it to the fullest. I have been every day this week, except for Tuesday, trying out different classes. Today, my friend Sarah got me to take a water aerobics class. I always thought that water classes were for old people who couldn't do the real thing any more. Boy was I wrong! I could hardly stand up by the time we got out of the pool! Tomorrow I am going to try the Hip Hop dance class, that is, if I can still walk!

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