Monday, May 19, 2008

More mistreatments and other crafting

So, I must start this post by saying thank you to Nester, who has given me a new found freedom to mistreat all of my windows! I know, I have mentioned mistreatments before (scroll down), but it was not until today that I realized just how liberated I have become thanks to reading about Nester's freedom to mistreat! In the past, when I mistreated , I felt guilty for not following through the "right" way. But now, I realize it really does not matter how I do it, as long as it looks good in the end. And it is actually kinda fun to mistreat (that's the rebel in me talking)! So with that thought in mind, I show the next picture...I have been wanting to make a Roman Shade for the boys room, they keep pulling the curtains down and have broken numerous curtain rods. I am hoping that this will be more boy proof than the curtains (wish me luck)! I started making the shade last night and after one attempt at a batten free curtain, I took it down to try again, with battens. The picture above is from this afternoon. I finally decided I was tired of sewing and busted out the hot glue gun. Truth be told, I love my sewing machine, but I do not like to hand sew, so using the glue gun here was a welcome alternative :) And yes, that is my staple gun in the background, how else was I supposed to hang it?

Here is the finished product! Not too bad for my first attempt at a Roman Shade!

We went to Michael's today. First, for a sale that does not start til next week (yet another example of what happens to your brain after four pregnancies!) and to get dowels for the shade. They had these kits right by the front door for making little wooden boats, planes, race cars, etc. They were only $1 each and included everything you needed to finish them. I let Regan and Micah pick out what they wanted and got an airplane for Max (he was in Preschool). They all really enjoyed this craft project, $3.15 well spent!

The finished products


The Nester said...

that mistreatment is fantabulous! what a great way to incorporate your skills!

you are free to make it beautiful without being perfect! no sew in peace!

Elizabeth said...

Glue guns have come in handy for me in instances such as this on more than one occasion! Looks great!


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