Saturday, September 6, 2008

did I do something wrong, or is this normal?

My neighbor gave me 18 pounds of tomatoes Thursday night. He has a huge garden, probably 30 tomato plants, the same amount of cucumbers, some watermelons and peppers too and from what I can tell, they hardly use any of it! He gives some away, but lots of veggies just rot on the vines. I have considered climbing the fence and picking some, I am sure he would not mind, but his dog is not too friendly!

Anyway, I recently finished reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle and was inspired by all her gardening stories and recipes and thought I would give her tomato sauce recipe a try. She calls for 30 pounds of tomatoes, so I just cut the recipe in half. If you have ever wondered what 18 pounds of tomatoes looks like, this is it.There were not any instructions for how to make the tomato puree needed for the sauce, so I did some Internet research and went to work. This is where I am thinking I must have done something wrong. Those 18 pounds of tomatoes, that filled my biggest pot, only made 2 jars of sauce. Is that right? If it is, then that is a lot of work for very little return! I hope it is good!

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