Tuesday, September 2, 2008

happy birthday

I stood in the toy store debating whether to get Max the Playmobil Take Along Tower, or go across the street to Target to get the Playmobil Police Carrying Case that he had seen earlier in the summer and liked. After a few minutes of walking around the store, I decided to put the Knight Tower back and go to Target.

This morning, Max came running down the hall and said, "I want something that wears blue for my birthday!" He proceeded to take out his My Big Rescue Book, board book (a great buy from the dollar tree) and point to a policeman on a motorcycle and said, "I want this for my birthday!" I confirmed that he actually wanted a toy Motorcycle Policeman and not a real policeman to come live with us (it was a picture of a real police officer) and breathed a sign of relief...I had made the right choice! I love it when making my children's wishes come true is so easy :)
Happy Birthday Max!
4 today!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

what a great cake...my Mitch is about to be 4 next week and playmobil is the biggest hit around here too.


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