Friday, September 26, 2008

signs of a good day of crafting :)

Fall is here (although today felt more like summer) and we needed a good harvest-time craft to do. I had seen these Scarecrows on Nina Makes awhile back and was saving them for fall. I was reminded of them today when they were featured on the Crafty Crow, so I pulled out the template and old cereal boxes I had been saving and we went to work.There is something so liberating about making a big creative mess!
As I matter of fact, the kids were having such a good time, I had to join in and make on too!


Heather said...

These are sooo cute. Did you have pattern?? I would love to make them with the boys!

joanie said...

Amy those are gorgeous! I'll add your picture to my recent post. It looks like your children spent a lot of time sorting through fabric and bits & pieces. I rarely get to see what other people do with downloads from my site - I just know that hundreds of people download them, thanks for the peek.


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