Monday, September 22, 2008

sick day

We are having a bit of a sick day here. Regan has a cough and did not sleep very well last night, so we just did out 3 R's this morning and then I let them choose what they wanted to do. At the homeschool convention, I bought myself a coloring book (yes, you read that right, I bought myself a coloring book, even at 32, I still like to color!) and Regan has been begging me to color a picture in it, so I let her pick one out to color today.

I gave Tallulah a picture to color, but she would rather peel the paper off the crayons!

Micah is happily coloring away in his Veggie Tales coloring book, turning everyone into pirates!

There was more to my post, but I seem to be in a fight with Blogger right now, it will not let me put my pictures and text where I want them. I will have to post the other pictures later!

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Anonymous said...

The kitchen, the hobby horse, guys have been having fun!


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