Friday, September 5, 2008

do you believe in providence?

I definitely don't believe that anything happens by chance, like the people we meet in a day or your car breaking down at a certain time. I have always believed that God has a purpose in everything that happens, but I don't know that I ever considered it affecting my footwear purchases... until today.

We are starting a unit on horses next week and as a part of the unit, I am taking Regan and Micah horse back riding. Just one lesson, but the place that I am taking them requires them to have boot with a hard sole and a heal. I have been asking around if any of our friends children had out grown a pair of cowboy boots and watching in the stores to see if I could find some inexpensive boots, but so far, nothing.

My mom sent the kids a package this week with birthday presents in it and there was some money for the kids "shoe fund" inside. We were in Walmart today, and I thought we would just look to see if they had something. My expectations were low since I have not had any luck elsewhere, but right there at the beginning of the isle were black and brown cowboy boots! Max and Micah loved them, but I could not find any in Regan's size. As I was scanning the tops of the shelves, all by it self about, down the isle was one lone pair of boots in Regan's size. As I pulled it down off the shelf, it got even better...

They were PINK!
And to top it all off, the pink boots were on sale. The total purchase came it at $5 more than Grammy had sent. It doesn't get much better than that!

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