Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a peak into our week

This week has been pretty hairy. I did well at staying organized for most of last week, and then I lost it and have not yet recovered. That is why there have been no posts this week. Anyway, we have gotten a few things done and started a few others, here is what we have been working on this week...

Last week we were studying light and authority and part of that was lighthouses. We started making lighthouse this week, it still needs to be paper mached and painted, but it works! The kids are very proud of our first electrical project and Regan has big plans for the decorating of it.

We started studying horses this week and are learning about their points and markings. We read a book about the Pony Express today and yesterday we tried out hand at drawing horses. These two are my drawings.

This is Regan's. She does not like it, but I think it is pretty good for an almost 7 year old! I helped her draw the first few shapes, but she did most of it herself.

She gave up after the picture above and resorted to tracing horses and drawing scenes for them.

Must get back to my to-do list, more to come soon!

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Anonymous said...

Looks great!
Now, remember we KONOS moms usually pile too many things on our plates because we love to have fun. It's OKAY to not get to all we have planned. The activities are so fun it's no problem sticking them in on a weekend or over Christmas or summer break. And we can rest that we'll eventually get back to the unit and can do them then, if it comes down to that.

In fact, we never even made a lighthouse when we did the light unit. Instead, we spent the day at a local lighthouse, playing in the sand and water. My kids will never forget that day.

Be easy on yourself and have fun!


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