Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I finally finished the Hobby Horses! And just in time for our first horse race... but first a bit about the horses. They each have different markings, representing the four main types of marks. From left to right, you have Strip, Star, Blaze and Snip. Tallulah horse is the one with the snip and she has named him Bono after our friends Great Dane, she also says it is a dog, not a horse :)
Today's race course is not just any race course, but a jumping course!

The kids had a great time setting up their course, here is Regan helping Tallulah to set up a fence (that is what the jumps are called).

On your marks, get set...


I love this in-air shot of Regan!

Even Lulu ran the race pretty well.
Really, can school get any better than this? We love Konos!


Leslie said...

i agree, homeschool rocks!! said...

Those area astonishing horses! And I love the scarecrows. How cute. When I was passing along the boys' old clothes to my nephew, I kept out four plaid shirts and four pairs of jeans for hay-stuffed scarecrows. I can't wait to make them!


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