Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a pleasant surprise

Tuesday's we usually do Art and Konos and have a day off from math and reading. Today, we had art covered with our craft project we are working on and for Konos, we read about Blacksmiths and had a failed attempt at making a bellows... great idea, poor engineering skills on my part! Anyway, when we had finished up all our school for the day The kids started begging me to let them do their reading and math on the computer!It might be that they just wanted to use their new headphone, but I think they are actually enjoying their online curriculum!

Max couldn't be left out from doing school, so we spent some time making letters with our HWT blocks.

Here is another peak at our big project this week. This is Star, or at least that is what her marking is. Yes, Leslie, they are horses... Hobby Horses for our Rodeo next week!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is an amazing horse! We made a birdfeeder today. Love KONOS!

Leslie said...

that is so fantastic. What a creative mommy you are! No store bought horse could be better because those are just great. A rodeo sounds like so much fun. We were just sewing for school the other night.

Anonymous said...

Amy, how was the rest of your week? Hanging in there?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and just wanted to share that last year when we did Obedience, we had a Cowboy Campfire night at our house. We invited friends, all dressed up like cowpoke, served cowpoke-type food, made a campfire, played Roy Rogers, etc. KONOS is great to share wtih friends because they have just as much fun even if they've never heard of KONOS.


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