Monday, September 29, 2008

telling our story

I tried scrapbooking back in the day, but it did not really work out for me... recently I have been re-inspired to try again, only with a different approach. Instead of cutesy layouts for all our pictures, I want to do something that tells our story, really many stories, because our lives are filled with so many wonderful stories that I want to be able to pass down to my children and their children. I stumbled across Ali Edward's Blog awhile back and really liked her stuff, so much so that I ordered her book, Life Artist. That, in and of it self was big... I mean, I don't scrap book, why would I order a book about scrapbooking? Anyway, long story short, the book was great and was the last push that I needed to get me to try it again, only different.

Here is what I've got, so far.

One of the things Ali talks about in the book is doing a "Week in the Life of..." album, to document everyday life in your home. Right now she is doing one of these albums and walking her readers through the process on her blog. I have been playing along a bit, check out her blog and join in if you feel inspired!

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Anonymous said...

I have a friend who did an album on the Fruit of the Spirit. For each fruit, she created a page and chose a person who reminded her of that fruit. Somehow I ended up peace. Lol. Must have been before I had four children.


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