Saturday, July 5, 2008

Finally decided to rain

Some pictures from the 4th.

Lulu and her friend Gabe waiting for the fireworks to start.
Regan dancing to the band
A Daddy pile on, Phil actually is under there... somewhere :)
Max fell asleep in Phil's lap before the show started. He woke up in time for the fire works and love them, until the finale, which is my favorite part! I love how you can feel the explosion in your chest, like a bass drum beating inside you.
A minute or two into the show it started raining, so I did not dare get my camera out to take any pictures of the fire works. Lulu loved the fireworks and for the next 20 minutes was yelling "fire work, fire work, peas!"
Sure we got a little wet, but it just adds to the adventure!
This is how we found all the kids when we pulled into our driveway. You know it was a good day when everyone's sleeping by the time we get home.


Anonymous said...

Fun! Your van looks like ours--full of car seats and boosters.

Hadley Coble said...


where did you get those covers for the carseat?

amy said...


Those are Britax car seats and they come in all sorts of fun patters and prints. The best car seats we have ever owned and well worth the price!


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