Thursday, July 24, 2008

summer bliss

I was reading my friend blog the other day about watching her dad eat tomato sandwiches as a child and it occurred to me, I had totally forgotten my summer love, home grown tomatoes. After reading Bronwen's blog I promptly went to the store for a loaf of "mushy white bread" and headed to the garden to find some tomatoes. My garden has not been doing very well this summer, so I was pleased to find two ripe, juicy tomatoes waiting to be picked and eaten!
I think this was the best sandwich I have had in a long time, and I am already thinking about the one I am going to eat today for lunch, if I can wait that long!


Anonymous said...

Oh, yummo! My favorite growing up was fried green tomatoes. I always forget until too late in the season to ask the farmer for some. Phooey!

Anonymous said...

I do not even like Tomatos. But something about the way the look on your plate and between the bread, they look very tasty. I enjoy checking in on you and your family. Hopefully we can see you guys again some day soon.
Take care, Heather Ferguson

Shannon said...

I am so amazed at all of the creativity that goes on in your house. You are so amazing!!!!!I absouletly love the capri sun purse thing and and buy if possible. Do you sell them on ebay or something??? They are so unique. Your children are so amzing, just like you. Who knew that such amazing talents wer inside of you. I am sorry that I did not get to know you better on our trip but know that I too am a blogger but only to keep others posted about my heath boring compared to what you got going on. I am inspired about the muffin tin thing though. I will have to check in to that and yes, that tomato sandwicch did look amazing,but being an Wisconsinite, it would have to be a grilled cheese and tomatoe sandwich, heheh


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