Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Regan has been asking me to teach her to sew for awhile now. I really think she was hoping I would let her loose on my sewing machine, but I don't think she (or I) are ready for that! Anyway, we (my mom and I) decided she was beyond sewing cards, but not quite ready for a real needle. We looked at some sewing project in Michael's and decided we could make our own just as well. The first thing Regan wanted to make was a purse (she has been watching me make those Caprisun bags for the past few weeks. BTW, I have a new design in the works, hopefully I will get it together in the next two weeks).

Here is her first purse.
She made another smaller version of this, minus the stickers, for Lulu but I don't have a picture of that one.

Shh, don't tell Tallulah, this is her birthday present from Regan!
It is funny, I tried to just take a picture of the projects, but Regan had to be in each of the shots. She is definitely not camera shy! I would not dream of posing with my projects! But then again, I am not nearly as cute as she is :)
Just for giggles
Tallulah just woke up from her nap and came out of her room like this...No clothes, a diaper and raincoat!

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