Tuesday, July 15, 2008

out of sorts

The kids are in VBS at the church around the corner from us this week. Today they rode their bikes to the church while I pushed Lulu in the stroller.
I am having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after my weekend away. So much to do, so much to take in... I love change, but it usually leaves me floundering for a bit longer than I think it should. Tomorrow will be better, I hope!

I think I promised many posts ago to write more about what we will be doing this fall and I have not, so I will write a bit now. We are going to be using Konos this fall. It is a unit study curriculum based on the character traits of God. It is very hands on, lots of activities and crafts, right up my alley. Anyway, we will be starting the year with Obedience and studying things like Light and Authority, Horses, Kings and Queens, Action and Reaction, Friction, Motion and Crime and Punishment. I have all my fall lesson plans done and was able to get most of the books I wanted at the convention last weekend. We will be using the Library a lot this year instead of buying all our books.

For the Spring we are planning to cover Honor and Orderliness. I have mapped out what we will do when for the spring, but have not started those lesson plans yet. Soon though, as I want to have them finished before we start up again in September.
It took me awhile, but I finally realized that I don't like teaching math, even when it is all spelled out for me, so this year I am hiring out. The kids will do their math and LA online with Time4learning. That way, I know they are learning what they need to be learning and I can concentrate on the fun stuff like history, science, art, music etc.

I was considering starting a foreign language this year, but moving to Konos is a pretty big step, so I think we will put it off another year. No co-ops or extra curricular activities either. We are hoping to take the kids to Awana at a nearby church, but other than that, nothing this fall. I might enroll them in a Homeschool PE class at the Y in the spring, but we are holding off for now.

I think that is it. The kids are excited... me too, I can't wait to go horseback ridding and build a castle in our backyard!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun! Last fall we completed Obedience; and this spring we completed Honor. Both are excellent, fun units.


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