Sunday, July 13, 2008

While I was gone...

It seems Phil and the kids survived well without me here, but not without a bit of adventure! Regan found baby "ducks" in the back yard and scooped one up into a tupperware container and brought it into the house to show daddy! Turned out her baby "duck" was really a pigeon and Phil quickly took the bird back outside to rejoin its mother and sibling.The bird did stick around long enough for Phil to snap a few pictures first, none in the tupperware though :)
Bach with Mama
Here is my loot from the convention.
I got this for Max from the used curriculum sale.
Our timeline and characters from Konos and a really cool "Then and Now Bible Maps" book!
The Usborne lady was giving a 15% discount
Finally, these are from the used book sale, all these books for $5.50!
The kids are so excited they want to start school now! Regan said "It looks like school is going to be a lot more fun this year than last year!" I hope the school year lives up to their expectations :)

2 comments: said...

What good loot! You were very self-restrained. Lol. Sometimes I fill an entire stroller with goodies.

Cheryl in MA said...

I love to see what everyone else gets at convention! Thanks for sharing. The David Macaulay books are fabulous!!! I am always trying to pick them up at library book sales.
I'm going to get the KONOS index too. :)
Blessings to you and yours,
Cheryl in MA


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