Tuesday, July 29, 2008

getting ready

I have been busy getting ready.

Getting ready for a jewelry sale this weekend.Collecting supplies for school.

Cutting out hundreds of timeline figures.
Cutting them out again.
We go on vacation next week, so I only have 4 weeks left to get everything ready for school. I am feeling the pressure. I have my lesson plans done for the fall and only have a handful of books left to order, but I have not begun on our spring lesson plans yet. I still need to finish laminating the time line figures, hang the century lines and do a bit more rearranging/organizing before we are ready to start school.
Last month I posted my summer "to-do list". I have gotten a good bit of it done, but still have a way to go with lesson plans. There are a few things that I can see now will not get done before we start school:

finish house # mosaic
type up recipes
Frog/lily pad game

It was a pretty ambitious list, so if I accomplish everything on the list but these three things, I will feel pretty good. Well, I've got lots to do, so I better get back to work!


Jennifer said...

Oh my! You are getting things done! I have so much to do for school. Want to meet up for a planning retreat? : ) Not a bad idea...

Anonymous said...


jen said...

busy busy! what jewelry do you sell?


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